Data Analysis
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The data collected via all these different eye-tracking techniques are presented to you in a simple and easy to understand form, while their evalution can contribute to the optimization of your products, avoiding any future changes or even the need to redesing a product.

Heat maps – ‘’Keyholes’’

Heat maps (individual user and aggregate of all users) are recorded for each page viewed.

The "keyholes" are a different representation of the heat maps, where only the areas where users looked the most are more visible, whereas the least viewed areas are not visualized.

Scanpaths (Fixplots)

Scanpaths allow paths around the screen to be observed.

Look Zones

Areas of the screen can also be designated as Look Zones (areas of interest).

Recorded Video

A ‘real time’ video visualization of the data is also provided, showing the exact route that the user’s gaze followed.

Eye Pupil

The graph displays the change in pupil area or diameter over time in seconds.

Post Experience Eye Tracked (PEEP) Protocol

After the eye tracking session, we use the gaze replay video to post-evaluate experience together with the user.